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When you think of Florida Beachfront you think of miles of white sandy beaches!  And rightly so, Florida  has over 1,350 miles of coastline with about 660 miles of beachfront.  Florida beachfront real estate reflects the diverse way that settlers in Florida have embraced a waterfront lifestyle.  Beach bungalows, Mediterranean mini-mansions, waterfront estates, expansive water view condominiums,  cozy ranch style homes, sparkling new townhouses - whatever type of home style you are looking for can be found on Florida's beaches.

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"We would have gave up looking for a house if it had not been for Aileen. We had use other realtors in the pass and did not like our experience with them. Aileen listen to us and would not waste our time looking at homes that just did not fit us. She ask questions about our like and dislikes. She took that and before long she had us the perfect home. Loved every minute of our house buying experience." The Coopers

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